Eat More Kale!

Kale has to be one of the most commonly consumed veggies in my household.  I tend to eat it every single day; raw, thrown into my smoothie in the morning, lightly steamed and topped with some wild salmon or perhaps sauteed and served with a rare grass fed steak. 

Kale scores 1,000 points on the ANDI (Aggregate Nutrient Density Index) scale and is a rich source of  antioxidant nutrients, anti-inflammatory nutrients, and anti-cancer nutrients in the form of glucosinolates.

I’ve been a kale fan for years now, and a while back, I came across a website dedicated to touting all of its benefits,

I sent them a quick email to tell them how fully I support the kale movement, and they sent me some bumper stickers as a thank you.

Hmmm… I’m not really the bumper sticker type, but I have found a great use for them.  I’ve left them in the glove compartment in my car and I can just simply drop off one of those stickers in community areas, like the bulletin board at the local coffee shop as a little reminder to all to at least try to include some of this wonderful leaf into their diet.

Makes me giggle a little to think of someone buying their 32 ounce coffee milkshake and cake for breakfast, then turning around to see the bright green sticker reminding them to eat leaves!

Spread the word: Eat More Kale!