Gut Check

Whether you’re in the information gathering process about Paleo and are on the fence about trying it or if you’re well into the lifestyle and loving the benefits, it’s always a good idea to do the occasional gut check.

If you’ve been Paleo for a while and are feeling on top of the world, it may not apply to you, as I’m not a fan of doing unnecessary testing and trying to fix things that aren’t broken.

However, if you are Paleo you’re not feeling 100%, it may be time for a little check up.

Meaning…that not so fun, albeit important, stool sample test that can tell us so much information about what’s going on inside.

If you are having any sort of GI maladies, or any health issues throughout the whole body, it can often be traced back to yeast in the body as well as unfriendly bacteria or a parasite or virus.  If you’re not Paleo, you may very well be feeding these nasty little invaders by supplying them with their foods of choice such as yeast found in breads and sugar found in processed carbohydrates.

But what if you are Paleo and are following it to a tee?

It’s still possible to have an issue going on in the gut from having had a bout of food poisoning or ingesting too much fermented food (‘daily kombucha’) or not eating in the true Paleo manner (too many processed ‘Paleo treats’).

I had a bout of food poisoning from eating some bad chicken about two months ago, and after a few weeks I was still feeling a bit off.  Fortunately, I have a fantastic healthcare provider who knew which tests to order and was able to suss out what was going on and what homeopathic remedies I might need.

Don’t accpet a norm that is anything less than fantastic.   Go completely Paleo and if your gut is still giving you issues (or you’re still having headaches, for example, which can indicate a high level of yeast or mold in the body) or if anything is even a little less than ideal, look within (sorry for the pun) and trust your gut (oops, there I go again) and see what’s going on so you can treat it naturally and move forward feeling fabulous!

Don’t just keep eating a poor quality, non Paleo diet and putting a Band Aid on your gut by taking Tums or Pepto.  You’ll only make matters worse.

Why settle?