Lots Of Variety?? Or Not?


I love the variety in the plan you're writing for me, BUT I'm so pressed for time!  Is it OK to NOT have as much variety, or will it compromise the benefits?

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So glad to have this client's question, as it's one I've been asked many a time.   The answer is that we need to think 'big picture'.

Yes, if everyone had the time to have completely different veggies, proteins and fruits at every single meal, that would be brilliant!

However, for many, even those who are following my Hour In The Kitchen suggestions, it's just not practical. So, yes, it's fine to decrease the amount of variability in the short term, as long as the long term stays diverse.

For example, you can opt to have JUST spinach, broccoli and bell peppers along with JUST turkey, wild salmon and bison, and apples, berries and plums this week when you do your simple shop and prep. Then, on the next trip, perhaps it's chicken, halibut and pasteured pork, along with zucchini, kale and rapini, with peaches, grapes and bananas.

That way, over the course of a month, you've still eaten a wide variety of many different foods!