Low Fat Donuts with No Guilt- Great! Just What We Need!

Holey Donuts make a great snack option, since they’re “Great Tasting..without the fat, calories or guilt”.  And yesterday in the mail, I received a post card for $5 off any purchase if I buy a $15 gift card.

Perfect!  Just in time for Father’s Day, too!

Oh, dear.

You know I’m kidding, I hope!

The only saving grace about the entire thing is that at least they’re not claiming to somehow be Paleo!

It gets even better.   A quick peruse of their site shows that the product is made with, and I quote, “wholesome Pillsbury ingredients” and the best part of all?  They’re “doctor recommended by Kristie Leong M.D., a family physician with a strong interest in disease prevention and alternative medicine. I’m particularly interested in how diet plays a role in disease prevention.”

If this doesn’t cause you to stop and pause for thought about each and every single claim you read from a doctor, the USDA, the media and everything in a package, I don’t know what will.

Whether something is FDA approved, endorsed by the MyPlate Schematic or even taught by your RD who may happen to be obese, it all comes back to the same thing.

We have to trust ourselves to learn what is in each and every think we feed ourselves and our kids.

Then combine it with common sense and everything becomes clear.

Do you really think it’s a good idea to eat donuts?   Remember back in the 50’s when doctors advertised in Life Magazine about how cigarettes are good for us?


We have a huge industry in drugs (whoops! I meant sugar) and the theory works brilliantly and is incredibly lucrative.  Tell people it’s good for them.  Start early, then get them addicted.  Let them get fat and sick and then get them addicted to more drugs (whoops!  Did it again- I meant prescriptions this time).

There is a lot to be made here.

It all comes down to that.

Trust your gut, literally and figuratively. If it doesn’t seem like a good idea, it probably isn’t, even if a doctor tells you it is.

Just. Eat. Local. Produce. And. Some. Wild. Protein.  And. Move.