Pocket Paleo: Snacks

Day Two of my little book promo is here! When it comes to eating Paleo, snacks can be especially challenging; but really a snack and a meal should contain the same ingredients: fresh, real food and nothing else! Start with a base of veggies, followed by some lean protein and finish off with some healthy fat and fruit, and you’ll have your perfect paleo (tem)plate. Whether you’re having a snack at home, work or school, following this schematic will ensure all your meals have the ideal paleo balance of protein, carbohydrate and fat. Keeping on top of what you’re eating as a snack between the other meals in a day can truly be the deal-maker in staying on track with your paleo regime, and maintaining an even keel in your blood sugar is key to keeping your fat-blasting metabolism on high. POCKET PALEO: SNACKS (for your Kindle as well as your iPad) includes — 50 recipes, like homemade salt-free jerkies and savory smoothies — Building paleo snack basics — Quick and easy, in the office, kid-friendly, on-the-go, seasonal and holiday-inspired paleo snack recipes and more Pre- order today on amazon or iTunes and click here for your sneak peek into a recipe from Pocket Paleo Snacks,  Superfood Delight “Trail Mix”!