Roses for Valentine’s, and Not Just for Looking At!

I’ve never said I was much of a green thumb, so when I encounter a new type of plant or flower, I’m almost as intrigued to find out more about its uses as I am when I have an opportunity to try a new vegetable…’almost’ being the key word.

Recently, I was introduced to the idea of using wild rose petals in cooking.  Wow.  Imagine the most beautiful scent of the most decadent rose you’ve ever smelled, but as a taste.

To die for!

I’d tried rose ice cream once as a child at an Indian Restaurant and remembered it to be quite divine and unlike anything else I’d ever tried. 

However, as ice cream is hardly part of the Paleo diet, I was interested in how I might enjoy a similar taste in a Paleo friendly manner.

Enter Rose Water.  Yes, you can buy it, but it often contains added sugars.  In addition, it’s simple enough to make your own:

Simply wash rose petals and place in a pot with water.  Bring to a gentle simmer for an hour or so, then drain out the petals and let the rose water cool.  Use it wherever you’d use water: in a smoothie, in a cup of tea or blended with frozen strawberries to make a homemade Paleo Valentine’s Day treat.

Do keep one thing in mind, though; those perfectly colored, uniformly colored bright red roses we see all too often in grocery shops are sometimes sourced from places and with labor conditions as appalling as sweat shops producing clothing.  So, be sure to use wild, preferably local roses whether you’re giving them as a gift, or using them to cook with!