Slim Is Simple

This is a must-see.  

Slim is Simple” is a “non-profit ancestral nutrition educational organization which provides compelling ancestral multimedia resources—free of charge—that the educational and health communities can leverage to help share the simple nutrition science our country is literally dying for. The organization is  working to get this ‘curriculum’ into schools and churches and into the public’s eye.”

I was contacted by one of the producers of the video to review it and I must say, I thought it was fantastic.  It does a great job at appealing to the masses; it’s not a ‘Paleo’ video, nor is it a vegan video or any kind of ‘diet’ video. Rather, it just tell us the facts in a simple and succinct manner and uses some great analogies to describe what we do to our bodies when we eat things that we are not meant to be eating.

Click here to watch it and spread the word.  The more we know, the healthier we’ll be.