Think You Don’t Like Veg? Try This!

OK- under the auspices of 'Keep It Simple (I'll omit the 'Stupid' part, because this one isn't a function of one's intelligence!)', here it is:


Unknown  (raw, peeled garlic cloves)


Unknown-1  (cold-pressed, extra virgin olive oil)

roasted in the oven @ 450 F for about 15 minutes, with one stir halfway through, in this:

Unknown-3  a $25 cast iron skillet



ANY OF THESE (just wash, dry and chop, then take the skillet out of the oven, add the leaves and cover for about five minutes- no more heat is needed as the skillet will be really hot!)



I challenge you to prepare ANY veggies, particularly the leafy greens this way, then add a dash of fresh pepper, and see if you, or your picky kids or spouse or whomever doesn't gobble them right up!