Three Days to Go Until Your Paleo Thanksgiving!

Happy Tuesday morning to you! What’s up for today? It’s all about the mise en place!

  • Setting the table.  (Here’s the caveat: this one likely only applies if you happen to live alone or have kids/spouse/roommate etc. who happens to be very tidy and won’t disrupt it! If that’s not the case, might as well wait until Thursday morning as you may need to do it twice anyway!)
  • Mise in place – given that tomorrow holds prep for many side dishes one might opt to serve on Thursday, getting all your washing, cutting, chopping, peeling and rinsing out of the way today will save time tomorrow.  Preparing a bounty of minced garlic, chopped onion and celery, peeling your yams, halving and scoring your sprouts and so on will prove to be an immense help tomorrow.  You’ll feel like you’re the host of a cooking show when you see the neatly prepped dishes and bowls of every fresh herb, spice, veggie and fruit in your fridge, ready to go for tomorrow.
  • Also on the list for today- if you’re going to serve a special occasion, dessert, like my Paleoista pumpkin pie or Paleoista truffles, today’s the day to get that out of the way, too.

Turkey prep will begin tomorrow if you’re going the brining route.   Yes, brining means using salt and no, added salt is not part of a True Paleo diet, however, if you’re so inclined to make this one of those instances categorized as a special occasion, which it certainly is, you may opt to go this route. Enjoy the day; having a plan in place makes it far less likely to feel so stressed out with prep that you miss out on the fun!