Too Many Berries?

When you’re just getting started on your weekly Hour in the Kitchen, it’s easy to buy the wrong quantities of foods.

Too much fruit, not enough veggies?   Enough pastured chicken to feed an army but barely enough wild salmon to feed your toddler?

Happens all the time.

It’s part of the learning curve to determine how much of each fresh, lovely Paleo food you need to suit yourself and your family.

Not to worry if you’ve overbought as many things can be used up in other creative ways that you may not have planned, or cooked, portioned out and frozen.

One commonly made error is washing too much produce too soon.

While there’s no reason not to wash large, whole fruit and veggies like apples or lettuces that you can easily spin dry, other, more delicate foods are better off left as is until right before you’re going to eat them.

Two perfect examples are grapes and berries.

Unless you’re actually going to take the time to painstakingly dry them one by one, chances are higher than not that you’ll end up leaving too much moisture on each little fruit causing them to decay far more quickly.

But what if you’ve already washed them?

It’s not too late- freezer to the rescue!

Simply line a baking tray with parchment paper and scatter berries and/ or grapes on top, then place in the freezer.  Delicious scattered on top of a salad or as a tasty little treat after dinner on a hot, summer day.