What Can We Do? Let’s Do Something!

I had a chat to the woman who I see every week at the grocery store, bagging food at the cash register.  

We always share a friendly smile, but we’ve never really had a conversation.  

Until today.

Not sure why, but that’s not important.  In less than ten minutes I learned that she commutes to work in a grocery store near where I live with three other people who work in the same store…and they drive two hours each way to get there.  She has two kids at home and no husband.  She joked that she’s tired and doesn’t have a day off, yet she remained pleasant and good spirited.

So think about this.   I can’t stress enough the significance of considering what we have and what others don’t and then, think about  how we can do something to help.

Of course, I link this topic to food, as is my specialty.

This woman who’s working her tail off at a job which doesn’t likely pay much cannot, ironically, afford to buy her food for her own family at the very store where she’s employed.

Let’s face it- eating real, fresh food is, in fact, more expensive than eating at fast food joints.

To be clear, I am certainly not making an argument against everything I stand for and sending out a message that we should all begin to frequent MacDonald’s in order to save a penny, nor am I going back on my belief that it’s far more important to spend more now on quality food than to pay the price later via health care bills.

Paleo can work for everyone- students on a budget, people that are super busy… but what if the money is simply not there?

I wish this were a blog post where I were asking a rhetorical question that I could follow up with a quick and witty response, but it’s not.

Rather, it’s a shout out to my readers to ask you- what can we do?   Certainly, we can all make change on a small scale which is tremendous in and of itself, but there’s got to be more.   We can all do more.

Here’s my challenge and request to you- let’s get the ball rolling and pitch some ideas about what we can collectively do to get people eating more healthfully on a grand scale.

Email me and let’s get something started!