A Week’s Worth of Protein

Interested in saving time while you're planning your upcoming week's meals?   It's all in the prep!

Although I do admit to ending up at Whole Foods more than once per week, I do my main shop on Mondays and, even though I roughly buy the same things (more or less), the meals I create are always diverse.

For example, I'll usually buy chicken breast (skin-on, bone-in), steak (filet mignon, flank, tri tip), fresh fish for that day (salmon, ahi, sea bass).  Always a ton of a variety of fruits and veg as well.

When I get home, I'll decide which I am having over the next two -three days and put the rest of the meat or poultry in the freezer.   Then I'll marinate what I want to marinate and keep the cycle of taking something out of the freezer in time to let it defrost in the fridge and let a marinate soak in for a day or two.

You can stay ahead of the game this way and avoid having to go to the grocery shoppe every day.  I'd also suggest you buy a little extra of whatever you're going to be cooking as leftovers make a terrific lunch for you, your kids and your spouse!