Paleo Lunches for Kids

Do you find yourself at a loss when you’re planning your kids’ Paleo snacks & lunches for school?

Get yourself a thermal tote (check out the ones by Built NY– huge variety of shapes, sizes, colors and they’re easy to clean neoprene!) with an ice pack or two and some BPA-free plastic containers and try the following easy combos, all of which maintain the Paleo macro nutrient ratio:

  • Sliced turkey, an apple and  raw walnuts
  • Cubed chicken breast, chilled steamed broccoli and an orange
  • Fresh berries with a chopped hard boiled egg and a handful of raw walnuts
  • Leftover, thinly sliced grass fed beef with spinach leaves, grapes & avocado, wrapped up in Bibb Lettuce leaves
  • Ground, pastured turkey, sauted and stuffed into a bell pepper, topped with sliced avocado, served with a celery stick as a spoon
  • Grilled wild salmon, mashed with avocado with celery, carrot and jicama sticks to dip into it

The above options are only a tiny fraction of what you can put together in a few minutes time, place into a friendly-plastic container, add the ice pack, arrange everything in the tote and send them on their way!