Another One of My Paleo Plane Snacks

Here's a little peak at one of my snacks that I brought along on a flight today.  I knew I'd not only be

  1. on the plane with the likelihood of finding something Paleo slim to nill AND
  2. including a layover I had, in addition to the fact that I'd ridden 80 miles before my flight, HUNGRY!

So, as always, I packed accordingly.

Here's a pic of one of my snacks, which is a nice hunk of leftover, rare, grass-fed filet (with a bite out of it! As I mentioned, I was HUNGRY! : ) with some steamed broccoli.  I also brough along some raw walnuts, a pear, plenty of water and some herbal tea bags. 


I packed it all in my thermal tote with a refreezable ice pack and I was set.

So easy, totally PALEO.  Traveling does NOT need to be a reason to deviate from eating Paleo, and if you're looking for reasons to deviate, that needs exploration.

Have a think about it, will you?