Beet Juice for Training Fuel


I'm wondering about the benefits of Beet Juice. Is Beet Juice Paleo? Are there any benefits to drinking it?  Would it work as fuel for adventure races lasting over seven hours?  Thanks Nell! I hope to hear back soon.


Thanks for the inquiry!  Well, if we're talking about JUST beet juice- as in the extract from the plant with nothing added, yes, it's technically Paleo however I'm not a huge fan of sweet juices in general, even if they are natural.

Enjoying beets as part of a meal is a nutritious thing to do, as it's touted to have the following health benefits:

  • aids in circulation
  • helps in digestion
  • helps dissolve gall stones
  • helps lower cholesterol

I'd personally be leery of relying ONLY on beet juice as my source of fuel for an athletic event.  The sugars aren't going to be as readily available as they would if you were to consume a balance of quick and slow releasing sugars.  In addition, there would not be enough electrolyte to replace what you're sweating out.  Finally, for longer events, some find a little bit of protein and fat is indicated.

I'd suggest sticking to yams, bananas, a small amount of natural dried fruit and perhaps a little bit of protein via egg powder if you prefer not to use a carbohydrate gel.

Keep the beets whole and roast them with some free range chicken!  If you want juice, go for all green and rather than extracting using a juicer, leaving all the fiber OUT, throw some raw kale in the blender with your other homemade smoothie ingredients.

Hope that helps!