Christmas Day Has Come & Gone…Got Leftovers?

As luck (or practice) would have it; we were left with only a little bit of leftovers from yesterday; which is fine since, as we all know, one can only take so much turkey soup!

In fact, that is the very reason I have opted for a turkey breast the last few years, rather than a whole bird!

What to do if you are left with heaps of Paleo Stuffing, loads of Baked Yam Paleo Fries and more Roast Wild Turkey than you can shake a stick at?

Here are just some ideas:

1) Of course, you can always freeze items, as is, in appropriate portion sized containers to reheat in a few weeks, when you're no longer feeling tired of the holiday flavours.

2) Dice the leftover turkey breast, add some curry powder, slivered almonds, olive and/or coconut oil and make into a curry turkey salad to eat atop a bed of leafy greens.

3) For the fellow athletes, save the yam fries and/or pottage with apples as a puree and use as part of your pre workout meal along with some easily digestible protein, like egg whites.

4) Combine the Paleo stuffing, mushrooms, and any other veggies into a blender, and make that into a soup.  Good idea for a starter to a meal as, since it's just veg, it won't fill you up too much before your meal.

Feel free to ping me with any other leftover questions you may have!

Hope you had a very Merry Christmas!