Fat Dietiticians, Doctors and Nurses??

I'm going out on a limb now… and some people may be offended.

What is UP with overweight health care professionals?

Years ago, when I was still in high school, I went with my mom to see an RD with credentials up to the eyeballs who claimed to specialize in nutrition for MS.  

She was really, really overweight.  My mom and I left and wondered how, if this woman knew so much about food and nutrition, she would be so unhealthy.  Aside from that, she was actually quite rude to both of us, which did not lend itself to making us think she wanted to help!

Now, I'm NOT claiming that everyone needs to be a size 2, as I obviously recognize that skeletons & bones come in all sizes.   I do, however, have an issue with the idea that 'fat is good/beautiful/healthy'.  It is just NOT ok to weigh 500 pounds.  It's not ok for you, it's not ok for your family or your kids who'll be left behind when you die an early death, and it's not ok for the health care system which is already broken and will end up paying for your care when you break what could have been prevented from ever malfunctioning in the first place.

In this little diatribe, I'm speaking out regarding the state of affairs of our (backwards) health care system and who we are looking to as our role models and professionals.

What do YOU think when you see a nurse parked outside the hospital, smoking on a break.  Or, how do you feel when your sixty-pounds overweight doctor gives you advice about what to eat to lower your cholesterol?

Maybe you are a healthcare or medical professional yourself- what are YOUR thoughts on unhealthy colleagues with whom you might practice medicine?

If you need extra motivation to get healthy, maybe extra thought about your position as a role model to many people can be the impetus for a much needed change in your own health, or that of your co-workers, if it applies.

Ditch the junk food, go paleo, get moving, pay it forward and lead the way for others to follow your GOOD example, even if it hasn't been good so far!