Got Some Garlic?

Not only does it bring fantastic flavors to any veggie or protein dish, it's packed with nutritional value.

It's high in allicin, a biologically active and natural anti bacterial and antifungal compound which is loaded with health benefits, including cardiovascular health, anti inflammatory properties and many anti oxidants.

True, when you eat it, everyone's going to know, but that's all the more reason to share the garlic love and make sure everyone digs in!  If you've partaken of it yourself, you're less likely to notice the odor eminating from your spouse who also tucked in.

In addition to using it in my cooking practically every day, I'll also use it for its medicinal properties if I start to feel a little under the weather or have a scratchy throat.  

Never fails to amaze me, though, that when I suggest this to clients or friends, they'll often reply that they don't fancy having garlic breath and opt for a corn-syrupy, Red Dye # 40 cold medicine (which can supress the very symptoms that your body has in place to fight the bacteria or virus in the first place!) instead.

Now, where's the rationale there?

Eat a clove, chew on some mint and get back to your exhuberant, 100%-and-then-some optimal Paleo health!