Have A Coffee And MAKE IT BLACK

I get asked SO often about what a suitable 'cream' or even worse, 'creamer' substitute would be for those who are new to Paleo and feeling relieved at the discovery that a black coffee is OK.  (Incidentally, this, along with wine, is what seems to make or break the idea of going Paleo for many, many people!: )

This question is nearly always followed up with a statement such as, "I NEED half & half in my coffee" or "I found a great coconut creamer- is that OK?" or the worse of all, "How about non dairy powdered creamer?".

Let's set the record straight:

NO dairy.

NO FAKE dairy – a white, powdery, hydrogenated oil based product that comes in a neat little envelope… really?

NO Soy 'Creamers'

NO processed coconut 'creamers'.  Fresh coconut milk is fine, but most of the creamers sold commercially contain guar gum, a bean derivative very high in the anti nutrients, saponins, and/or added sugars.

So what's left?  How about JUST COFFEE!!  If you're drinking a type of bean that you don't like or that has been ground ages ago and tastes so badly on it's own that it needs 'doctoring' (aka 'creamers'), then you need to switch to a better bean and perhaps a better prep method.

If you're a coffee connoisseur, it's worth investing in a proper espresso machine and grinder.  I can tell you with my hand on my heart that the beans we grind at home in our wonderful Rancilio Espresso Machine do NOT leave anything to be desired when enjoyed on its own.

The mere idea of adding something to it would be akin to adding aspartame to a poor quality wine!  Think of it in those terms.  If you tasted a wine you didn't like at a restaurant, would you try another bottle or add something to it?  I think you'll be getting the point by now!