It’s NOT That Time Consuming to Eat Healthfully!

In today's NY TIMES, Mark Bittman's article highlights how it's actually NOT that time consuming to prepare healthy meals.   He points out that 'real food is cooked by real people' and that unfortunately, people are cooking less than ever.  

Just don't "have enough time" to grocery shop and cook healthy food for yourself and your family?

Interesting to compare to the Nielsen statistic that the average American watches 35 hours of TV per week!


Two of the three easy to make, basic recipes listed in the piece are nearly Paleo (easy to fix by eliminating the soy in the first recipe and the vinegar in the third); but the concept is loud and clear.

How important is your health, and your family's health to you?

Important enough to allocate literally a couple of hours per week to planning, shopping and preparing healthy PALEO meals?  In keeping with the  Nielsen stat above, if the average American would cut down on TV watching by 10%, they'd free up more than enough time to do this.

Food for thought, isn't it?