Now What?

There is ALWAYS a feeling of emptiness for me, after Ironman.  I train all year long, first to qualify, then to race and it when the day arrives, it feels like Christmas!

Even more so this year, as October 8th had been circled in red on my calendar for nearly six months as the day that was simultaneously:

  • the day my manuscript to Simon and Schuster for my second book, but the first which is ALL MINE 🙂


  • the day I'd race my 5th Ironman World Championships in Kona

It's a huge emotional commitment and it's over now…so that means, on to the next chapter!

Lots to come as I grow my business and new brand, so watch this space!

As far as racing, I'll now switch gears to off season marathoning with some important goals to achieve.

Most importantly, I continue to 'enjoy the process' and express gratitude every single day for the opportunities I have to do what I truly believe I was put on this planet to do!