Another common time when people have trouble staying focused on their healthy eating habits is when the inevitable holiday parties start rolling around. Here as well, plan and balance. Make your choices as to what you’d like to have as a small treat (which you should have on occasion) and go forward accordingly. You needn’t have the bread with butter AND the pasta dish AND the Pomegranate Margarita AND five different cookies.
If you feel like you MUST have some of Aunt Martha’s Homemade Chocolate Chunk cookies that you’ve eaten since you were three, have one or two! BUT- be sure that you get in your workout that day, and eat your healthy meals leading up to the party. Opt for a healthy dinner with plenty of veg and protein, and understand that will balance out the occasional cookie or dessert. Have the treat and leave it at that.
You’ve planned for it, so enjoy it, and then keep on eating your healthy diet!