The Holiday Season Starts Today!
Make this the year you DON’T default to consuming too much candy, cookies, alcohol and so on. I wrote about this on the last post, but feel it’s such a huge issue with so many, that it warranted a second post.
Far too many people automatically undermine their efforts to eat better, exercise more and keep a balanced approach to their healthy lifestyle by throwing it all out the window simply because, ‘it’s the holiday season’.
Easier said than done, of course, but here’s an idea: for the entire holiday season, starting today through New Year’s Eve, I will post a tip to keep yourself in check, while still enjoying holiday festivities.
As always- comments & feedback are always welcomed and appreciated! It will ‘fuel’ the nutrition blog (pardon the pun!) and keep the topics new and fresh!
Today’s Tip for an all too familiar situation:
“Thanksgiving’s over and I’ve got TONS of food left (including pies, cakes, cookies); I’ll just get through that and THEN I’ll return to eating more mindfully.”
NO! Regardless of what you did yesterday, whether you splurged a little or stuffed yourself as though you were eating your last supper, don’t make today a continuation of poor food choices. Yesterday is over, so get on with it. Today is here now and with it comes a fresh opportunity to eat right! Your body will thank you.
-Take your non-perishable items (unopened cake mixes and pumpkin pie cans, boxes of unopened cookies, etc) to your local food pantry. Get it out of the house!
-High-sugar, processed items (cakes, cookies, fried foods and so on) that have been opened, half eaten and picked on, can be discarded. DON’T use your body as a garbage bin into which you’ll dump junk!
-Take your healthy leftovers and reinvent them. Tired of turkey stew? Carve the meat off, chop and add olive oil, sliced apples, raisins, slivered almonds and curry powder for a new flavor twist How about the veg that you roasted- a pureed veg soup sounds lovely!
Clean our your fridge today, go to the store and stock up of veg, fruit and the usual lean protein and healthy fat choices and keep your kitchen full of healthy foods!