It all starts this week- the holiday season is here! Thanksgiving is on Thursday and for many people, healthy eating and nutrition goes out the door. Why? If you approach the season with common sense, you can stay fit & lean and avoid that weight gain that so many experience.

Keep your eating balanced, stay on top of regular, small meals and remember what you’re putting in your body. Eating cakes, cookies, muffins and whatever other ‘treats’ (are they really treats?) you may come across does nothing positive for your body. Have an apple instead. Seriously.

If you are well nourished and letting your blood sugar drop, you are far less likely to make poor eating choices based on a perception of being ‘starving’, reaching for high-sugar (and low to zero nutrient) things to snack on, which ultimately lead you straight to packing on the pounds.

Plan the occasional splurge so you can balance your caloric intake and output around it. Perhaps if you’re attending a holiday party on a Saturday evening where you know you’d like a glass of wine or two, for example, be sure and get that long hike or trail run in during the morning!

It’s all about balance, as always!

Make the holiday season more enjoyable for yourself by omitting one stress- the stress of letting your diet go haywire, that is.

You’ll thank yourself when the New Year rolls around and all your friends are futilely trying to take off excess fat and you’re still at your same, healthy body weight!