Off Season Tune Ups…

While it's important for us athletes to give ourselves some downtime (or, at least, perhaps a bit less structure), the off-season is also a great time to focus on what our weaknesses are.  

For me…it's the swim!  The more I improve with cycling & running, the more I want to do those sports!  On the flip side, the more I rack up another slower than desirable Ironman swim and have to go with my usual MO and catch up time on the bike, the less I LOVE swimming!

As my coach is located in Canada, and I'm here in LA, we don't have the luxury of him coaching me from the deck.

What to do?


It's a great way for swimmers of ALL levels to get fitter and faster in the water.

Don't worry if the last time you swam, it involved wearing water wings or a tube around your middle.

Again- it's for ALL levels! (Master's DOESN"T mean 'One who is a master at swimming'.  Yes, I thought that about 12 years ago when I first started racing!: )

One great resource to check out is:


It's a nationwide listing of groups throughout the US who conduct these great workouts.  

Give it a try- today's the first day of November and the holidays are RIGHT around the corner!

Keep yourself honest by sticking to the #PaleoDiet and keeping active in the pool; add, for a little extra motivation, the fact that you've got to be wearing your swimsuit to workout.  Just a little extra reinforcement for staying on it!