Tax The BAD ‘Food’- LOVE IT!

    In Sunday's NY Times, an article entitled , "Bad Food? Tax It" discusses implementing exise taxes on unhealthful foods, generating revnue which could then be allocated to subsidizing healthier foods for those that cannot afford it, as well as spending dollars on local communities to build jogging trails, swimming pools and other safe places to exercise.

A couple of quotes which stood out in particular include stats such as:

  • (The headline): " A 20% increase in the price of sugary drinks nationally could result in a 20% decrease in consumption, a decrease in 1.5 M Americans from becoming obese and a decrease in nearly .5 M cases of diabetes which would save about $30 Billion".
  • "Taxing sugary drinks and fries would save lives and generate billions of dollars"

Getting all the pretend, toxic foods out of the diets of so many Americans isn't merely something that would be a nice idea, it's something we've GOT to be serious about…NOW.

Granted this piece isn't focused on Paleo, but for those of us who are already living the Paleo lifestyle, it's an absolute no brainer that this is where EVERYONE needs to be…so please, lead by example and do your part!

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