Technique: Butterflying Poultry

One of my favourite recipes is the Italian Grilled Chicken- also called 'pollo al mattone', which literally means 'under a brick'.   

How does one go about balancing a brick atop a bird?

It's no problem if that bird has been flattened out:  Enter the butterfly technique!

Using kitchen shears, cut through the bones on either side of the spine of the chicken, then remove and discard the spine.  Flip the bird over and flatten the breastbone with the palm of your hand, until it is of equal height to the thighs and legs.  Loosen the skin on the breast and thighs; this will leave the option for you to rub your seasoning right into the flesh.

Then- you are left to your own devices- and the sky's the limit- as to how you want to prep your bird. I like to use a mixture of lemon zest, fresh chopped herbs and black pepper.   

Rub your choice of seasonings onto the flesh and pull the skin back over.  Then, throw the chicken onto the already hot grill with either a heavy cast iron skillet or, literally a brick wrapped in foil on top.  

Keep it versatile by opting for a bird of a different colour as well- free range poultry is a must-eat as part of the #PaleoDiet!

The skin will crisp, the meat will stay moist and it's incredibly easy to carve!