Think You NEED Cream in Your Coffee? NO, You Don’t!

When I tell clients that they can have a black coffee while keeping completely Paleo, they often breathe a sigh of relief.  


"Phew!", they say, "Maybe I CAN give it a go!"

But then, along comes the inevitable question:

"What can I put in my coffee?".


Why do you need to put something in your coffee?

Yes, I recognize that it's the norm for many to have a 'cream and sugar' or even worse, their morning 'coffee' is not really a morning coffee, it's a 'Venti-Half-Caff-No-Whip-Two-Pump-White-Chocolate-Mocha' thing.

Clients new to Paleo tend to desperately seek out something to 'put in' their coffee from almond milk (which would be ok if it were JUST almonds; often it's a combination of other 'milks' including soy and rice, as well as added sugar), or coconut milk (also fine if it's coming right out of the coconut and not a can, usually stabilized with the bean derived guar-gum) to stevia (I don't have a problem with someone having a little stevia from time to time; rather, it's the principle of needing to 'sweeten' that raises a red flag) or honey (same as stevia).

How about getting some really amazing coffee and a top of the line espresso grinder and maker and enjoying the coffee… get ready… as is!   

A pefect ristretto pour of espresso, with the perfect head of crema (that's crema as in the foam head NOT dairy cream), and the perfect black nectar underneath is out of this world,

Here's a great analogy:

If you are someone who drinks wine, and you order a glass of said wine that you do not like, what do you put in it to make it taste better?

I sure hope nothing!

You'd send it back and ask for something else?

Same with coffee.  If your coffee is some tired, old, bitter, weak brew that does not taste good, dump it, don't doctor it!

Why would you eat or drink anything that you don't like?  You're not a Hoover!

Choose the good stuff and enjoy in moderation!