Veggies, Baby!

Or should I say baby veggies?

No, I'm not about to discuss what to feed your infant.  I'm referring to eating the younger counterparts of many veggies.

Aside from providing more variety, serving baby veggies in lieu of the more mature version is a great way to lure friends and family (yes, even kids!) into trying something new.

Because they tend to be softer, more delicate and even sweeter sometimes, they're often found more palatable and perhaps make for an easier transition from no veggies to some veggies, as well as going from only eating the good old stand-bys of broccoli and spinach to including baby kale, baby artichoke and all sorts of baby lettuces.


Here's a pic of me holding a baby kale leaf to illustrate how little it is.  Isn't it cute?

Throw it in your smoothie (yes, raw), wrap some up in a slice of turkey with some avocado or add it to some sauteed garlic in olive oil for about one minute and serve with a rare filet.

Give the baby veggies a try!