What A Waste! What A WAIST!

An alarming article in today's NY TIMES draws attention to how much we waste, (despite how big so many Americans waists are, excuse the pun, but I have to bring it up!).

Some noteworthy stats include:

-An average family of four that spends $175/wk on groceries wastes about 25% of purchased food, which equals $2,275 per year down the drain.

-93% of people who responded to a recent study stated that they sometimes buy food they never use.

What are we thinking?   

PLAN, buy what you are going to eat and (stay tuned for more on this tomorrow…) 're-use' your food!  Must clarify so that readers don't leave with a bad taste in their mouths- by "re-use", I mean find ways to reinvent tonight's dinner into something new for tomorrow's…