Paleo Athletes, This One’s For You

Are you interested in how to thrive as an endurance athlete, while keeping Paleo?  Doing so was what allowed me, nearly ten years ago, to go from a very average, middle of the pack age-grouper to being able to train then race competitively enough to earn a slot to Ironman World Championships in Kona seven times.

I won’t lie- my decision to take 2014 off from long course racing is making me feel so odd right now; typically I’d be in Kona at this time of year getting ready for the big show on Saturday.

I will say, however, that taking a step back earlier this year to focus on strength, rest and recovery has already proven effective with either a win or second place at each race I’ve done this year, with my focus being some single sport racing- a gran fondo, half marathons, one 70.3 at Timberman and then my upcoming NYC marathon in just under a month.

Huge fire in the belly for next year, though!

Anyway, you may be wondering how to fuel endurance exercise, even on a lower carb diet, such as Paleo, when all the media makes it out to be fact that we need bagels, pasta, bread…even going so far as to say it doesn’t matter where the calories come from, which is nonsense.

If you’re curious about this, you’ve got to check out the talk I’m having with Neely Quinn of Paleo Hacks next month, as part of the Women’s Weight Loss Series she’s compiled.

  • Learn:
    How to switch from being a carb-burner to a keto-adapted fat burner the right way…
  • How to fuel endurance exercise and lean out at the same time (no carbo- loading involved)…
  • How to end your reliance on sugary gel packets on long runs and rides…
  • Exactly what to eat while you’re training in order to lose fat, maintain energy levels, and perform at your best…
  • How to know if you’re in the “Chronic Cardio” zone..

What you eat is by far the bigger part of the picture compared to how you train.

Prior to being Paleo, I trained and raced Ironman at a significantly higher body fat percentage and never looked as lean and fit as I wanted until I transitioned to Paleo.

There are no gimmicks or quick fixes; it’s all about eating real food.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an endurance athlete in the truest sense of the word, or an endurance athlete in the sense that you’re a busy mom juggling kids, work and home (you’re still an athlete, girlfriend!).

Just check out the summit.  It’s free.  No strings. Honestly.