From Completitor to Competitor!

Do you need a reason to exercise?  A fun one?  One that interests you more than your doctor telling you that you  must lose weight, or that awful feeling of your jeans not buttoning?

How about a race?

Or an event?

Maybe you'd like to raise money for your favorite charity while you shed pounds doing your training walks with friends?

Be open to the idea.  You don't need to come from an athletic background.   More and more people are finding the fun in exercising through signing up for a local event.   Remember, that's the key!  If something is fun, we're much more likely to keep doing it than if it is forced, uncomfortable and just generally unenjoyable!

There are all sorts of things to look into.  Has it been years since you've worked out?  Why not look into doing a 5K walk?   Perhaps you've done a few half marathon walks and would like to make the segue into a 10K run!   Many cities throughout the US have training plans, coaches, groups and so on to support you on your fitness journey.

Once you've done  your first event, you may get bitten by the racing bug and feel the need to register for another and another!  Before  you know it, you may be Jonesing to make the next move- from 'completitor' (as in, 'one who completes') to 'competitor'!

Race well & have fun!