If Only We Didn’t Need Adjectives

Organic blueberries.  Grass-fed beef.  Wild Salmon. Imagine if real food was just food and we didn’t need to use adjectives? Sadly, the exact opposite is the case today. If you walk into a grocery store and buy an apple, just an apple without any descriptives, it’s likely going to be conventionally grown somewhere far away with a thick, waxy coating on it to make it shiny and increase the time to spoilage. Same goes for steak.  If you just buy ‘a steak’, it’s probably corn-fed from a poor animal raised inhumanely on a feed lot, pumped full of antibiotics and weighing in much heavier than it’s grass-fed counterpart. Even worse, we have to resort to calling certain foods in our markets, ‘health’ food, which begs the question, how should all the rest of the food be classified? And if it’s not healthy, how is it even still really food? It’s a normal, daily activity to eat things that are truly no longer food, in the truest sense of the word.  No longer fresh, or nourishing or supportive of the body to grow and keep healthy…not by a long shot. Rather, so much of what is consumed today does just the opposite, making people overweight, diabetic, achey, tired and sad. Yes, this may be a bit of an oversimplification and certainly it doesn’t happen overnight, but alas, we want the fix to happen that quickly. Wherever you are in terms of your state of health and however you feel, take a good look at what you’re eating and how you’re feeling and if you cannot honestly look yourself in the mirror and see the picture of health, before you run to the doctor and ask for a battery of tests, and receive three prescriptions, track your food for a day or two. Be honest; no one has to see it, and the only one who’ll lose out if you don’t fess up is you. Start with what you’re putting in your body and if you see anything that’s not really food, start to phase out of it. The better you feel, the more you’ll swap the not so great choices for the better ones and you may end up in a place where you feel better in a very short period of time on your own… no pills needed!