Big Food’s Insane Weight Loss Program

A post today on Bruce Bradley’s blog entitled ‘Big Food’s Insane Weight Loss Program’ does a great job of outlining just how far off base the billion dollar diet industry really is.

Even more unfortunate is that we, as a society, are buying it.

He reviews three weight loss brands which have, sadly, become one in the same with what many people think of when they contemplate not only a ‘diet’, but a way to get healthy.

Slim-Fast (a lovely blend of all sorts of interesting chemicals and compounds, none of which are food), Crystal Light (a nice, artificially colored powder that one can stir into their water; why, I do not know) and Special K cereal (isn’t Special K also a street name for some kind of drug?) rank as his top three products that millions of people turn to, especially during this time of year when they’re all set with good intentions to try and take control of  their weight and health once and for all.

He culminates with a video of Wal-mart’s latest commercial which features an excited shopper getting back into a “healthy routine” with shakes and Boston Creme Pie.

This is, as he writes, completely insane.

It must stop.

Would you purposely inhale asbestos fumes and then wonder why you’re developing respiratory disease?  Would you wonder what the problem was if you bathed in hydrochloric acid and wondered why your skin showed third degree burns?

Think, people!

This is so simple.  Just eat food!  Food is something that nourishes us and supports our bodies to be healthy.  Forget about reading a label, ask yourself if a product has a label! If it does, toss it!

Buy fresh food, without labels.  Eat fresh vegetables and fruit and a lot of them.  Eat some fish and meat, too.  Eat when you are hungry and don’t eat when you’re not.  Oh, and move.

Come on!

Don’t keep supporting this horrible trend which is leading down the path of destruction.  Even if you don’t have the time or means to donate your time or fund a well meaning charitable contribution dedicated to getting real food to those who cannot afford it, simply not buying those nasty pretend food products, if done en masse, is the only thing that is going to send a loud and clear message to those giant manufacturers who have their best interest only in their wallets.

Do something!