Fewer Ingredients / Fewer Steps

“I don’t have time to shop and cook”.

How often does this phrase cross your mind?

Granted, we live in a busy society and sadly, one of the most basic human needs (eating real food) often falls significantly lower onto the totem pole of priority as a result.

After all, it’s all too easy to ‘grab and go’ on the way to work, at work, on the way home from work and everything in between.

Add to that the idea that shopping and cooking is inherently an arduous task and it can feel doubly overwhelming to try and adopt the healthy habit of gathering and preparing.

But here’s the deal:  it doesn’t have to be so challenging.

What if all it took were a few ingredients and a few steps?

Good news, guys!  That is all it takes!

We’re not talking just boring old salads or raw veggies here, either.  Not that there’s anything at issue with either, but come on, they’re not exactly the most exciting things to eat all the time on their own.

What do you say about a series of posts featuring recipes with less than five ingredients and less than five steps?

Starting now, with something I patched together last Wednesday after my regular trip to the Santa Monica Wednesday Market.

Grass Fed Steak Tartare.  Local / Seasonal / Organic.

(In less than the amount of time it would take to microwave together a boxed mixture of macaroni and cheese, too.)

Reach out and tell me what you’d like to see recipes for!