Fine Dining in Nantucket, Paleoista Style

My husband and I have been enjoying an absolutely charming weekend getaway in Nantucket, which was a surprise for my birthday. Our first visit to Nantucket is proving to be exactly what we needed; a respite from the day to day chaos of being in NYC part time, flying back and forth from Los Angeles and an overall busy schedule in general. The people are friendly, the vibe is chill and the running options are beautiful!  And the food… Wow. We’ve enjoyed some outstanding meals already; the first evening, we went to DUNE, where we started with the Gazpacho of Cucumber & Green Tomato, followed by Grilled Atlantic Sword fish which came with a summer squash medley, rainbow carrots and a side of garlic broccolini. Last night, we enjoyed an equally devine meal at Straight Wharf, beginning with oysters, followed by local harpooned Swordfish with Swiss Chard and Artichokes in a tomato saffron broth. The Swordfish here, by the way, is the most incredible I’ve ever had!  Not remotely similar to preparations I’ve had before which tended to be a bit dry, both restaurants served a fish so tender and fresh, I’d easily eat it on a daily basis.  Just amazing. (By the way, North Atlantic swordfish population is at 105% of the optimum level for sustainability; another great reason to opt for this fish, according to the Blue Water Fisherman’s Association.) Stay tuned for more on fine dining, Paleoista style, in this charming part of New England.