What Kind of Milk is OK on the Paleo Diet?

Unless you’re a couple of months old and are drinking milk from your mom of the same species, not really any ‘milks’ are Paleo.

There are two exceptions:

1) If you make your own nut milk, and do not add anything to it, you could opt to make and drink that. Nearly all commercially sold milks, including almond, hazelnut and coconut have additives in them, rendering them Paleo unfriendly.  Often, you’ll see added sugar, or blends with rice or soy milk, or in the case of coconut milk from a can, guar gum, which comes from beans and is very high in saponins.

2) If you have access to fresh coconuts and can whack open the top and pour out the water, scoop out the meat and make milk or cream, that is not only Paleo friendly, but a very healthy addition to your Paleo diet.

In either case, don’t get into the habit of using this in lieu of water or drinking large quantities too often.  Most of the time, just drink water.

Now, there are, indeed, noted Paleo experts who do include raw milk and dairy as part of their take on Paleo.

This is my take, based on decades of work from the leading expert I consider to be my mentor, Dr. Cordain, so, I’m sticking with it!  Aside from that, on an anecdotal level, I know how used to feel after consuming dairy and let’s just say I’ll pass on feeling that way ever again.

Pass the (fresh) coconut milk, please…