It’s My Birthday and I’m Giving You Gifts

Today is my 42nd birthday! I’ve never been one to hide my age; after all, there’s nothing anyone can do about the number of years ago we happen to have arrived on this planet! Anyway, age is a state of mind… If we nourish our body by eating real, food, move it through our favorite form of physical activity that makes us feel like we’re kids on the playground and (yes, I’ve got to throw in a Beautycounter plug, because I’m so excited about it! ) mindfully select what we’re putting on our skin, we set ourselves up for a lifetime of health + happiness! I’ve always been one who loved giving more than receiving so for one day only, I’m offering two gifts.

  1. The first 10 people who contact me will receive a free one-year membership to Beautycounter’s Loyalty Program, Band of Beauty.   You’ll get 15% product credit with every order, free shipping on orders over $100, and most importantly, you’ll be a part of the mission to get safe skincare into the hands of everyone! (Available in US and Canada only).
  2. Also for one day only, take advantage of 50% off your first, one-hour nutrition / food coaching / eating strategy session.  Use code HAPPYBDAY42 when you purchase from my store. (Available everywhere!)

Enjoy your day, pay something forward and spin positivity!