Only One More Day

It’s nearly here!  Hopefully you’ve kept sane by planning, ticking things off one at a time and working in an orderly manner to keep calm while being super productive. On the check list for today:

  • Prepping the bird- as I mentioned in yesterday’s post, if you’re using that 5% margin (or whatever your nonPaleo percentage might be, if at all) to incorporate a not so Paleo food – salt- today’s the day for the brining to begin.   Alternatively, since salt is certainly not a must-do, you can dry rub the bird with your favorite dried spices and herbs to create an equally delicious flavor profile with zero added sodium.
  • Baking or roasting your sides.  Unless you have a commercial kitchen with two ovens, cooking  the veggies and the bird in very close quarters and hoping they’ll all turn out properly is challenging to say the least.  Use today to roast your sprouts, your root veggie medley and whichever other lovely veggies you’re serving to compliment the piece de resistance.   Bake them, let them cool then place in the fridge to keep tomorrow when all you’ll need to do is warm them  up.
  • Setting the table…tonight after dinner.  Linens, napkins, place setting, centerpieces… the whole nine yards.  With the dining area ready to receive guests, you’re even further ahead of the game.
  • Taking care of yourself!  It’s easy to get overly stressed out and skip workouts, go too long without eating and stay up late working on the endless task list.   Move, eat well, hydrate and rest to wake up tomorrow morning excited and ready to host rather than washed out and exhausted.

When tomorrow morning comes, get up and get moving first thing so you can start the festivities with a clear mind and focus completely on running a perfectly orchestrated kitchen while entertaining guests, and even finding some time to enjoy it!