Wraps’: With A Minor Adjustment- A Great Meal Option

Wraps, according to WIkipedia, are  "a variant of a taco or burrito which includes traditional sandwich fillings wrapped in a soft flour tortilla, pita, lavash or other soft flatbread. It is not served on a deli, hoagie, or submarine type roll".

So, basically, it's just yet another way of ingesting grains!

How can you turn this into a Paleo-friendly, and consequently a healthier meal choice?   Change what you use as a wrap!

Skip the lavash, tortilla or pita.

Enter thinly sliced roast turkey, or chicken or beef!

Place a slice of meat on your work surface, then add your favorite combination of:

lettuce, avocado, sliced peaches, raw walnut butter, chilled, steamed broccoli…

One can see where I'm going with this… mix and match to your heart's content!  Try to be sure and use some veg, and a bit of healthy fat with a little fruit, in order to keep true to the Paleo macro nutrient ratio, which, in turn, will help keep your blood sugar levels steady and charging ahead full speed!

Have it for  breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack.. it really doesn't matter- food is food, any time of day!