No Nuts?

After yesterday’s post about no nightshades for those who follow the Auto Immune version of Paleo, I received a few inquiries asking why I’d also mentioned no nuts as part of that variation.

To clarify, the statement I made needs to be amended.   I failed to add that the recommendation is to cut out nuts for a month or so, and then, if you choose, test them and see how you react, and monitor what symptoms might surface, as well as how bad they are.  You might find you can tolerate certain nuts but not others, or that simply eating them only on a rare occasion is best for you.

Once again, we have to be our own experiments!

As nuts, all nuts, are high in Omega 6s, which are inflammatory, and low in Omega 3s which are anti inflammatory, it simply makes sense for anyone dealing with any type of inflammation to at least experiment for a brief period of time without them, and place more focus on healthy fat sources such as wild fish and fish oil, avocados, coconut and olive oil.