Tequila Isn’t A Paleo Prerequisite

A recent article in The Times yesterday focused on the Cross Fit dating scene in New York City.  

Although I’m not a Cross Fit Athlete, as a triathlete I understand how much sport is such a core part of one’s life, it makes sense that one would date, and potentially end up with a fellow enthusiast as their life long partner.  That’s  how I met my husband, as a matter of fact, as well as many dear friends.

The part of the article that made me raise an eyebrow was the reference to Paleo.  I’d have been surprised if there wasn’t a reference, actually but rather than reading what I thought would be in store, like a reference to eating bacon or buttered coffee,  the sentence that struck me was the following statement:

“Tequila is considered the most Paleo friendly of all alcohol”.

Be that as it may, and I’m certainly not one to suggest never having a drink, the problem I see with a statement like this is how easily it manifests into people thinking that tequila is actually a good part of their regular regime.

I’ve seen it with my own eyes. Clients reporting that they’ve been doing a fantastic job adhering to the menu guidelines I’ve given them and adding an off the cuff mention of the two or three ‘Paleo Margaritas’ they’ve been enjoying with dinner… or lunch as well!

That’s not the idea.

As though tequila was in the same category as organic kale or wild salmon in terms of a normal part of the routine.

Sure, have a drink now and then, and of course, keep it grain-free, added-sugar free and neat, but including it as a daily thing isn’t Paleo at all.