Take Care of Your Feet

With as much pounding as I put my feet through, every time I go in for a mani/pedi, it seems the technician is always surprised that my feet DON'T look… well, thrashed!


Because I take care of them!  

Even if you're not inclined to do the spa thing, at the very least, keep in top of your feet- keep your nails trimmed properly (I know that may sound like an odd thing to say, but this simple task can be quite helpful in preventing annoying foot issues while running & cycling). Moisturize your feet (again- should be common sense, but when skipped, you may experience cracked, dry skin!). Pamper them with cozy socks and a heat pack while you sleep…

Make sure your masseuse keeps on top of working the feet out as well.  After a recent move (and thus, having to find a new massage therapist), I really noticed a huge difference when NOT receiving Shiatsu (HUGE focus on circulation & feet), despite the rest of the deep tissue being quite suitable.

Finally, at the risk of sounding vain, doing all of the above will also keep your feet nicely presentable- which I much prefer to the alternative!