Hawaii Time Again

Race time is nearly here!  I’m heading out to race one of my favorite courses this coming Saturday, the half-ironman triathlon race I still like to refer to as “Honu”, IM Hawaii 70.3.

Fueled by Paleo, I’ll race my heart out once again on the course I’ve grown to love so dearly.

Aside from the fact that this race is held on the big island and the bike route is on part of the same course we ride at World Championships, this event is particularly special to me as it was at this very race a few years ago when I had a triathlon epiphany moment, which served to become the very essence of my race (and training, for that matter) mantra:  having an ‘attitude of gratitude’.

The previous season, I’d been struggling to learn the balance of setting and achieving high racing related goals, which was all well and good…unless I didn’t meet them.   I’d missed qualifying at my A race the year before and subsequently, the whole season had to change abruptly.

After that, I found myself in a position such that I had to learn the balance of wanting to continue to improve and race my heart out, but not get so stressed about it that I caused myself to literally panic.

A few days before race morning, at Honu in 2009, I woke up  and looked out the window at the gently swaying palm trees and the vast, calm sea behind them.  It dawned on me, loud and clear, that I really had nothing to be ‘stressed’ about. Yes, of course, I wanted to win my age group and earn a slot to World Championships, but if I looked at the absolute worse case scenario, I was still in Hawaii, racing in a sport I loved, with my husband, sharing a week in the beautiful island where the sport began.

So much to be grateful for, first and foremost,  the gift of a body that allows me to move.   Something I never forget; not a single day passes that I don’t thank the universe for this incredible opportunity.

Find your motivation.   If you’re already doing something to move, that’s fantastic.  

If you’re not, what’s your deal?

Not enough time?  Too busy?  

Not acceptable.

What have we got if we haven’t got our health?