Burgers on the 4th

Why not?  I love a nice burger, myself, without the bun, of course!

But how do you know which ground meat is actually the best?  And, for that matter, what’s actually in there?

Not unlike a hot dog or a sausage, unless you’re sure of the source, there really could be anything in there, from nasty additives like bread crumbs or flour, to chemical tenderizing agents derived from soy to…let’s let our imagination stop there!

It’s so easy to grind your own meat and make your own burgers, that I’d recommend doing that as a matter of course.

While I like a nice lean filet, there are times when a fattier cut is in order, and making burgers for the 4th is definitely one of those times.

Thanks to a tip from the local butcher, I use half grass fed short ribs and half grass fed chuck to make an incredibly juicy burger that needs nothing more than some leafy greens to accompany it, and perhaps some avocado.

Grind up a batch and see for yourself.   You’ll enjoy the burger even more knowing exactly what’s in it!