Paleoista Product Feature: 5 Bar Beef

Do you know where your meat is coming from? I mean, really, really know? This goes beyond just having a quick glance at a label at the health food shop that says ‘grass fed’… and then in small print, ‘grain finished’. As savvy as we as consumers are getting, there’s still a big margin for error, so it’s our responsibility to do our homework to dig deeper than just skimming a package or presuming that free-range chicken even means anything any more. On that point, a few months back, I received an email from a local rancher, 5 Bar Beef asking if I’d like to try a sample of their 100% Grass-fed, Pasture Raised Beef in Southern California. As if I’d turn that down! First of all, I’m always a staunch proponent of keeping local in order to reduce the carbon footprint and with farm barely 50 miles away from where I live, we were off to a great start. Second, a small-ranch, family owned business has far more appeal to me than a large conglomerate who may have other interests as key focal points than raising animals in a humane manner and providing clean protein as nature intended. Finally, the opportunity to help fellow small-businesses get their message out, when they’ve got a product I believe in is something I always try to do. I appreciate it when clients, blog readers and like minded professionals reach out to me, so it’s only fitting that I do the same. Of course, I happily accepted the kind offer to try a sample. And boy, am I glad I did!

The meat was delivered promptly at the proper temperature and the selection of meat was superb. And the taste! Think of how you might feel if you had the chance to enjoy your first tomato, fresh from the garden, and had only tried those underripe, over refrigerated grocery store variety… you may not have known what you were missing until you knew you were missing it! Hands down, a product and mission I wholeheartedly recommend.A little more on their values: “Providing real meat from conception to your plate, 5 Bar is a small family ranch in Southern California dedicated to providing the best-quality and best-tasting grass-fed and grass-finished pastured beef. Their Barzona cattle are humanely pasture-raised on 800 acres in Orange County, California. They use no manmade chemicals, hormones, antibiotics, vaccines, pour-ons, animal by-products, pesticides or grain.” As a special incentive, they’re offering you 10% off your first order? Just use coupon code: 5bardiscount when you check out and get ready to taste some of the best grass-fed beef you’ve eaten!