A Good Christmas Eve (Paleo! )Curry…

My British Husband introduced me to the idea of 'a good curry slap up' shortly after we first started dating.   Can you do Paleo Indian?

It's quite fun to prep and has certainly introduced me to a literal world of new spices, seasonings & aromatics.

We've made it into our own little tradition to stay in Christmas Eve and enjoy a lovely Indian Meal.

Make it yourself, or, if you're already inundated, you can actually fare quite well with take away.

We opt for Tandoori Chicken (skipping the Raita), Jalfrazie Veg (asking them to hold the peas &  ghee) and typically an okra and an eggplant side. In lieu of Basmati- it's a plate of steamed kale… you get the idea!  (We're lucky to have a great Indian place nearby that accommodates!)

Fast, festive, Paleo… and you'll save wearing yourself out the night before you're doing all the cooking!