Our Signature Salad

A little piece of history…

One my second date with my husband, he invited me for a home cooked dinner.  The first offering on the menu was a salad, but not just any salad, a salad with veg, AND fruit, AND cashews, AND avocado…. exactly the same type of salad I'd always made for myself, which others often found odd, due to the combination of fruit & veg or sweet & savory.   Just another sign that we were made for one another!

So now, we refer to that salad, the same (nearly) salad I make for dinner every night, as The Stephenson Signature Salad:


Think colour, think organic & local, thing veg & fruit, healthy fat via nuts/avocado & flax oil…  You'll have a lovely presentation and a tasty way to begin your healthy Paleo meal!