Paleo in the Times…And It’s Accurate!

We’ve all seen articles on Paleo in popular magazines and news programs, but all too often it’s a quick snippet about how it’s a trend, how it’s unhealthy (due to ‘lack of fiber’ or ‘not enough calcium’) and how certainly, it’s ‘not sustainable for the long term’. Last week, however, a completely different, and far more accurate angle was presented. The NY Times Style Section published a piece entitled “The Paleo Lifestyle, Way, Way, Way Back” on the 19th, and it begins with: “To the uninitiated, the much talked about Paleo diet — a nutritional regimen centered around pasture-raised meat, eggs, fresh fruit and vegetables, and nuts, in the spirit of our cave-dwelling forebears — may seem like another low-carb fad, the South Beach diet dressed up in a mammoth hide. But the time has passed when it could be written off as a fringe movement of shaggy-haired Luddites with an outsize taste for wild boar meatloaf.” They got the premise right!   And they acknowledged that it’s simply not a hot trend used by celebs to get ripped for their next role! With references to several key figures in the Paleosphere, it covers not only what we eat, but how we sleep, exercise and even delves a bit into products used in daily hygiene. Let’s keep this type of media coverage coming; the more people who can understand what Paleo really is, the healthier we’ll all be as as a whole! Click here for the full piece.