Farmer’s Markets, Not Factories, Please

Come on, have a little bit of cornflakes, just like mom used to have when she was little, and her mom before her.

As reflected in this image from a Kellogg’s Manufacturing Plant, starting the day with a healthy bowl of cornflakes is the way to go.


Don’t worry, I’m being facetious.    

It struck me this morning, as I ran around an industrial park here while visiting the North of England, how odd it is that sourcing our ‘food’ from non-descript factories, complete with billowing smokestacks and a rather sterile, metallic appearance from the outside has become the norm and having the opportunity to go to a farmer’s market, depending on where one lives is sometimes seen as a novelty.

Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

If you haven’t adapted a Paleo based regime yet, take a quick peek in your kitchen and see how much of what you find is in a box, can or jar and how much of the ingredients you can identify as food.

Is it typical for you and your family to frequent Costco once per month and stock up on goods that will last you for six months on the pantry, or is it the norm to stop by the farmer’s market or health food store a few times per week, and purchase whatever produce and protein are fresh, local and seasonal?

If nothing else, let this post serve as food for thought and to plant a seed to at least begin adding some healthier steps in the right direction.

Food please, not factories!